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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Dubai Al Ain

From delicate garment care to advanced laundry services, our dry-cleaning services go beyond standard dry-cleaning.

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Our specialized team lead the services

Wash & Fold Service

From delicate garment care to advanced laundry services, our dry-cleaning services go beyond standard dry-cleaning.

Steam Iron Service

Under the guidance of experienced industry professionals, these services are delivered with a high level of efficiency.

Dry Cleaning Service

For quick, accurate, top quality results, SMU students and local residents depend on our reliable dry cleaning services.

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Best Laundry Service Company Ever

Our Wash and Fold service, also called Fluff and Fold, or Drop Off Laundry, has been designed to meet the laundry needs of busy parents, professionals, senior citizens, and students. Having your laundry done lets you spend more time working, playing, or just relaxing. Your clothes will be washed, dried, and folded by us.

Whether you need wash and fold or fluff and fold laundry service, the dry cleaning and laundry experts are here for you. Our premium dry cleaning service is combined with the convenience of laundry service and delivery in our service areas. We offer same-day or next-day laundry service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wash and fold laundry items can be picked up and delivered free of charge at your home. Drop off your fluffy and folded laundry at one of our 24-hour drop boxes located at our stores or lockers whenever it’s convenient for you.


Every Month, Thousands of Peoples use the Service.

Commercial Laundry Service

Our wash and fold service is one of our most popular laundry services. We offer free pickup and delivery of dirty laundry for a complete week at no extra charge.

Ironing and Press Service

Al Batha Garments Laundry offers a low-cost Ironing and Pressing package that includes pickup and delivery for free.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Are you running short on time? A nursing mom? A student or running a hospitality company gets benefited from Al Batha Garments laundry dry cleaning & Fold, Ironing service.

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