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As a laundry & dry cleaning service platform in United Arab Emirates, we offer on-demand laundry & dry cleaning services. You can access all laundry & dry cleaning services through Website and app, also we offers self drop and pickup your laundry at shop. Your laundry will be picked up, cleaned, & delivered within 24 hours by ( ) Al Batha Garments Laundry Service in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Al Batha Garments Laundry – One of The Best Washing & Dry Cleaning Service Company in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!


Welcome to also officially known as “Al Batha Garments Laundry” is a laundry service provider in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates”. The laundry services offered include collecting dirty clothes for washing, ironing, dry cleaning, and pressing. The following terms and conditions govern your access to and use of, its related sub-domains, sites, mobile app, services, and tools (the “Site”). By using the Site, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with these terms and conditions (the “User Agreement”). As a result of your use of the Site, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions as a result of this User Agreement. This User Agreement applies to all users of the Site. If you do not agree to be legally obligated by it, Please do not access and use the site. The site is owned and operated by Al Batha Garments Laundry for washing, drying, and ironing your dirty clothes at a time convenient for you in Al Ain UAE, A Company Incorporated under the Company Act ( Licence Number (CN-1117290) And Economic registration number 10993955).

Any changes to these Terms and Conditions, or additions or deletions hereto, may be made at any time without prior notice to you. If changes are made to the Site, they will become effective immediately after they are posted. The Terms and Conditions may change at any time, so please check them regularly. After the Terms and Conditions of Use are updated, you agree to accept those changes by continuing to use the site.



You may be required to create an account with us in order to access certain services offered by the platform. Creating an account may also require you to provide personal information. Any username and/or password can be invalidated at any time in our final and irrevocable decision without any prior notice. Our liability or responsibility doesn’t extend to any loss caused by, associated with, or arising from such a request or invalidation.

All personal information related to your account, including your user ID and password, must be kept confidential. This responsibility lies with you, so ensure that your account details are always kept securely. As part of this agreement, you agree to take all necessary steps to keep your account safe and secure. If you suspect that your password has come to the attention of third parties, or if the password is being used in an unauthorized manner, please let us know immediately. By using the Site and related services offered, and/or accessing private information, data, or communications using your account and password, you agree and acknowledge that your use of those services is either performed or authorized by you.

If you access the Site or use any of its services (whether you authorize it or you don’t), you agree that you will be bound by the terms of that access or use. It is your agreement that we shall be entitled (but not obliged) to act on, rely on or hold you solely liable for such activities as if they were performed or transmitted by you. The use of or access to the Site through your account will be liable for any and all losses. You agree and acknowledge that you will be fully responsible for all losses arising from such use or access.

At all times, please ensure that the information you provide is correct and complete. By accessing your account online, you must update details about your account in real time. You must contact our customer service department if you are unable to update information via Your Account on the Site. Our team will assist you with these changes. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse access to the Site, terminate accounts, remove or edit content at any time with or without prior notice. You may be required to update your Personal Data or to immediately invalidate your account or related details at any time in our sole and absolute discretion without any prior notice or reasoning and we shall not be liable or responsible for any losses you suffer or cause arising out of, in connection with, or as a result of such request or invalidation. The user agrees to change his or her password from time to time and to keep the account secure. Any disclosure or use of the username and/or password (whether authorised or not) is your responsibility.


As a user of the Site, you accept, agree, and understand that it is an online platform that allows you to buy products at any time and anywhere using a payment method of your choice. The Site or a payment gateway provided to you by an independent service provider is only a facilitator for transactions on the Site. We believe that a strict two-way agreement between you and the sellers on the Site is the best way to ensure the quality of the site’s products. If you make a prepayment with an electronic card, your issuer bank and the service provider process the payment. Thus, the payment contract on the Site shall strictly be a two-way agreement between you and the service provider.


We will strive to provide uninterrupted, error-free, and consistent access to the Site. In spite of this, due to the nature of the Internet and the Site, such guarantees cannot be made. You may also be restricted from accessing the Site from time to time during repairs, maintenance, or introduction of new facilities or services. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice. If such suspensions or restrictions are necessary, we will try to limit the frequency and duration.


The use of our service implies that your clothes can be washed in water on a normal cycle, at home. Additionally, they are suitable to be dried in a tumble dryer using heat. If the clothing is not suitable for this standard laundering process, we cannot be held responsible. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery of items that are harmful to our employees. Items heavily contaminated with human or animal waste fall into this category. The reason for this is to protect the health and safety of our team.


The laundry detergents we use for our personal laundry customers in Abu Dhabi are branded by Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Municipality. This detergent is advertised as hypoallergenic in all approved detergents.


Your laundry will be treated with the highest level of care. The amount of work we can do is unfortunately limited. Our time is limited, so we cannot look in your pockets for anything you may have left behind. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by something left in your laundry (such as lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen). As well, if you call us and tell us you left your favorite bracelet in your pocket, or anything else, we cannot guarantee that we will find or return it.

There is always a wear and tear on clothing caused by any laundering process, regardless of how gentle it is. Because of this, we cannot be held responsible for any wear and tear, including buttons lost, faded, fatigued, holes, or abrasions on laundry. As well, if we think a particular piece of laundry will cause any trouble, we reserve the right not to clean it.

There are also other risks associated with cleaning and drying laundry. Every garment is not individually inspected before it is placed in the laundry. As a result, please do not send us laundry containing items that require dry-cleaning or are otherwise unsuitable for conventional washing and drying procedures.

As per our standard procedure, we wash all items together. We can run two separate loads if you separate your clothes into two separate bags before pick-up. There is a charge of 10 separate loads. The clothes are not separated according to your instructions, and it is your responsibility to separate them and be responsible for what is in each load. As well, we cannot be held responsible for color redistributing (bleeding or shrinking) or dimensional changes (shrinking or stretching). There is no separation available on pre-paid laundry plans at the moment.


The company is not responsible for any work done by a third party at the customer’s request or for any deliveries made to the third party at the customer’s request. All laundry jobs in our facilities in the United Arab Emirates are conducted under our supervision. In some cases, however, we contract with third parties to handle services that we do not provide, such as altering large items such as linen & bedding, curtains & carpets.


If you are willing to give us an inventory of your laundry, we would be more than happy to do so. Unfortunately, it would be prohibitively expensive. In this regard, we cannot take responsibility for any lost laundry since we have no efficient means of verifying in the first place that we received the laundry.

However, rest assured that we track your clothes carefully. In addition to tagging all bundles with your name, we also use custom labels. There is never a loose item of clothing in our facility unless it is inside a machine, on the folding table, or waiting for folding in its own laundry cart. We are more likely to locate misplaced laundry if you notify us within 24 hours of receiving your clean clothes – as soon as we receive the laundry, we will begin searching for it.


After the dry cleaning items arrive at the facility for cleaning, AL Batha Garments Laundry will inventory them. Your items will be tracked carefully until they are returned to you after this inventory has been completed. If you lose or damage dry cleaned items, we will reimburse you up to 5 times the price of each article (for example, a maximum refund of 30 AED for a laundered & pressed shirt or 15 AED for a laundered and pressed shirt). Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery if you discover a problem with your piece.

It is not the responsibility of the team to fix items that are damaged during the cleaning process. This includes delicate items like buttons and sequins, or clothing that lacks care instructions.

Dry cleaners will charge “Extras” based on how efficiently your garment is processed. These additional charges will be in increments of 3 AED to 7 AED once your garment is delivered to the laundry facility. You will receive a final invoice that includes these charges. There is a two-week turnaround time on leather items and leather items require longer turnaround times.

8: General Terms for All Services


Whenever you no longer wish to receive our service, simply let us know and we will cancel it for you without additional charge. Our goal is to make you as happy with our service as possible but once your clothes have been washed by us, we cannot offer a refund. In case you aren’t satisfied with our services, we will refund your money according to our payment processor partner refund policy.

When you choose to use our “Free Pick-Up and Delivery” service, you can track the number of your clothes and estimate their price before placing your order. We will go through your laundry once it reaches our store to make sure nothing was missed. The price of these items varies by the item, not by the pound, which includes comforters, blankets, sleeping bags, and rugs. We have the right to modify the price of your order and to continue washing the items/clothes and charge your credit card accordingly. The launderer we entrust with your clothes does not offer refunds once the clothing has been laundered. We also charge a minimum fee once we pick up the clothes (see above for more information).


The information we collect from you is collected when you register on our site or speak with one of our employees. Your name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, and credit card information may be asked when ordering or registering on our website. Any personally identifiable information you provide to us will not be sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to a third party. Our website is not operated by trusted third parties who conduct business on our behalf or provide service to you. The parties are required to keep this information confidential so long as they agree to do so. Your information may also be released to comply with the law when we deem it appropriate. The purpose of this is either to enforce our site policies, or to protect our rights, property, or safety or the rights of others. The information collected about visitors that is not personally identifiable may, however, be used by others to market to them, advertise to them, or for other purposes.

We encourage you to read our Privacy Agreement, which also governs your visit to our Site. Using the Site or providing us with your personal information / data will require strict confidentiality, complying with the Privacy Agreement and applicable laws and regulations. You should not use the Site if you object to the process of transferring and using your personal information as described in the Privacy Agreement.


Laundry services provided by self-serve are not under our control. Before and after using all machines, make sure they are clean inside. Make sure you check your pockets for left-in items, such as crayons, lipstick, etc. Before washing, remove any bra wires if possible. Bra wires come out of the washing machines frequently. The washing of some items is not recommended due to their inability to handle the process, so it is at your own risk to wash them. You should not use a damaged machine until you report it to us. Be sure to follow the directions for any chemicals you use and use no more soap than what is recommended. There is no dyeing allowed on clothing. The machines cannot be used to wash or dry rubber or tar-covered items.

The washing and drying of your items is not allowed if you have any infestations of insects. You should follow the instructions on the machine. For directions, please do not hesitate to ask. Make sure you don’t leave your clothes unattended. It is important that you remove your clothes promptly after they have been washed and dried. Once your clothes are being washed or dried, the carts should be shared. There is no reservation system for carts and they must remain inside the store during your entire stay. You cannot allow your child to ride in or play with a cart. The use of folding tables or placing children on them is not permitted.

It is very important that you clean up after yourself and that you leave the store in the same condition as when you arrived. The building has a no-smoking policy, a no-loitering policy, a no-solicitation policy, and a no-pet policy. It is mandatory to start washing machines by 8:30 PM or they will shut off automatically. If you feed the dryers with too many quarters, they will shut off at 9:55 PM regardless of the remaining time. The store must be vacated by 10 p.m. Our stores do not have public restrooms. During their visit to our laundromats, our loyal guests generally share the bathroom with our employees. If an attendant is present while they are working, they can be let in.


If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email Residential appointments require at least 2 hours’ notice, nonresidential commercial appointments need at least 3 hours’ notice, and commercial rentals need at least 20-24 hours’ notice.

When you use our “drop off” service, we will count your clothes prior to the drop off to let you know what the cost will be. Upon agreeing to use our services, we expect payment in advance before washing your clothes.

Our laundry weighing process rounds to the nearest pound to ensure that you meet the minimum weight requirement (see below). There are no revisions to our count. The surcharge will be notified to you as soon as possible if the weight does not meet the minimum. Our customers rarely refuse to pay, but just in case, we reserve the right to hold your laundry hostage until we receive payment.


Using’s pick-up and delivery service, you can cut down on carbon emissions, gas consumption, and pollution. This is an aspect of our business that we are particularly proud of. Al Batha Garments Laundry hopes that our bicycle pick-up and delivery service contributed to your decision to use us. While we often use bicycles to deliver packages, there are times when it is not possible (for example, snow, torrential rains, or all of our delivery riders pulling hamstrings at once). Should conventional methods be required, we reserve the right to pick up and deliver your laundry in a traditional manner.

The time agreed upon for the pickup of your laundry will be followed. When we are late, we won’t attract many customers. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances. Our deliveries will be delivered on time if you are on time for them. A new pick-up or delivery time will be arranged as soon as possible if you miss a pick-up or delivery.

All laundry services should be scheduled in advance to prevent errors. Our delivery team will arrive at your house for delivery. If you have additional dirty laundry you would like picked up, please schedule additional pickups online or notify Customer Care one hour before your delivery time.

When we show up at your door, but you and your laundry are not there, it is referred to as a No Show. We reserve the right to charge a 10 AED No Show fee in the event of a No Show. Please keep in mind that there is no fee for cancelling or rescheduling more than one hour prior to your delivery window. Our team values your time just as much, which is why we will credit you 10 AED if your cyclist arrives late. No questions need to be asked.


When you leave your laundry unattended (e.g., on the porch, in the hallway, or in the foyer), or if you leave it with a third party (e.g., with a doorman or a neighbor), we aren’t responsible for it before or after we pick it up. Furthermore, you agree that our records of pick-up and drop-off times are accurate and true.


Our business may change in the future, so some of the terms of this agreement may need to be modified. We encourage you to visit our site frequently to keep up to date on any new developments.

Though and you are generally agreeable, we recognize that disputes may arise. All legal proceedings regarding this agreement, or Al Batha Garments Laundry generally, will be governed by UAE law.