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—Al Batha Garments Laundry provides top-quality laundry and dry cleaning service in Al Ain UAE at the lowest price, offering wash and fold services, steam pressing, ironing, linen & bedding cleaning at the lowest price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the item, Al Ain’s wash & fold service is priced between 2 AED and 9 AED. A laundry service provider’s performance depends on the customer’s expectations. If you would like to save more money, drop-off your laundry at Al Batha Garments Laundry for the wash and fold service, it will save you a great deal of money. Another option is to use a pickup & drop service if it is difficult for you to commute or if you are too busy to commute. There is an additional charge of 10 AED for this service, however, if you order 49AED or more, pickup & delivery is free. 

You can save a lot of money by dropping off your laundry at Al Batha Garments Laundry Laundromart in Naseeb Suhail Muhammad Tabat Al Ameri Al Ain. The pickup & drop service can also be utilized in cases where commuting is difficult or you are busy. You will have to pay an additional 10 AED for this. If you order 49AED or more, pickup and delivery are free. 

The aim of our company is to provide our customers with an all-in-one laundry solution. The rate list cannot cover all types of textiles. To get the best solution & price, please contact our customer support team by your convenient method.

I’m glad to be of service to you! As a leading provider of high-quality services in Al Ain, we offer them at the lowest prices possible. All laundry service processes are handled by our own vehicles, including collection, laundry/dry cleaning, packing and delivery. Providing high-quality laundry services at affordable prices is made possible by this method. 🙂 No third parties are involved.

AL Batha Garments Laundry offers professional laundry services in Al Ain UAE that allow you to maintain absolute hygiene, convenience, and a clean wardrobe. Having more time to enjoy the city’s exciting lifestyle will give you more time for other things.

The Al Batha Garments Laundry offers practical solutions for cleaning white clothing, including effective methods for removing stains.

It is possible to request a pickup by phone or via WhatsApp.

We can pick up your order and have it delivered to your home or office for FREE, but you need to place a minimum order of 49AED for this service.

Having your clothes ready is all you need to do. Your loose clothes will be placed in our own laundry bags by our friendly laundry agent.

The services of Al Batha Garments Laundry in Al Ain vary based on the item, the quantity, and the additional services. A basic wash and fold costs between 6 and 25 AED per item. Specialized services might cost more.

Our professional laundry service uses high-quality, gentle detergents which is approved by Al Ain and Abu Dhahbi municipality to ensure your delicate items are handled carefully.

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